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My husband and I are in our 60s and while we have had professional photos taken at weddings and for Christmas cards in the past, we had never posed before for a family portrait with the intent of hanging it in our home.  However, after we  saw how wonderfully David Stiff captured the "personalities" of our family in his portraits, we decided it was a natural progression to have these moments memorialized in large portraits to be hung in our living room and foyer.

I remember looking at them immediately after they were hung and actually getting teary-eyed, realizing how much love I had for my family and how fortunate we were to have each other.  I look at these portraits every day and always feel this emotion of love and gratefulness.  I treasure these portraits and hope they will bring as much joy to other generations in our family as they do for me.

Every time I look at the portraits that David Stiff created of my family, I think that that are probably one of the best investments I have made for the long term. Each one is precious to me and I am so glad that I made the decision to invest in this type of art work. They bring a smile to my face every time I look at them and I am glad that I will have these portraits to gaze upon as I grow old. They are beautifully done, down to the matting and framework that match the decor of our home. They are a source of joy to me, and that is priceless.   Elaine W.

We look at the portraits of our family and it brings back special memories of the kids at those ages. Our son has grown a lot since the sitting and I so wish I had started these portraits years ago to capture the children at other ages as well. However, we are thrilled that David and Renae helped us capture this moment in our lives. The high quality of these portraits, the attention to detail, really enable us to feel the warmth in our family. We have received many complements on the portraits!

From the moment we first mounted the collection on the wall, the portraits were so beautiful and special, truly masterpieces, that they changed the feel of the entire room. The portraits are works of art and our family will cherish these portraits for generations. It is a very special gift that we will pass down to the children to share with their future families in the years to come. It is especially important to us that we have these portraits because even as our lives take their unpredictable paths, we have beautifully saved this special moment in our shared time together, which will never be lost.     Bernadette G.

We have been very pleased with all of our portraits from David Stiff Photography.

David is always very professional and is so good with the kids!  He makes the process very easy for the family.  Our portraits look beautiful in our home and they are certainly pieces of art that we treasure.      Misty C.

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